Starter Up


My friend Sue (whose garden, recipes and kindly donated foodstuffs from her piece of paradise on Great Barrier Island feature often on this blog) gave me a batch of her sourdough starter a few weeks back. I’d been hankering after it since Christmas at her place, when she was baking a couple of loaves every day to feed the masses. Following Sue’s scrawled instructions, I’ve been making a loaf every few days in my kitchen, and if I want to leave it a few extra days between baking, I just feed the starter a bit of flour. One thing I was surprised about it that my two year-old is keen on the stuff and seems unpeturbed to have her morning toast slices and packed-lunch sarnies made out of it. That’s a relief, because I’ve decided I won’t be buying boring sliced bread anymore, when it’s so easy to make your own at home, starter or no. I’ll post a recipe for Sue’s even easier, non-starter bread shortly. Thanks for the continual kitchen inspiration, Sue, and for the starter.



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