Simple Soba in Soup


The other night I made a buckwheat soba noodle salad with prawns, tofu and greens, and – me being a notorious over-estimator of the required amount of carbs most times – was left with a good whack of soba noodles in the fridge needing to be used the following day. So I came up with this really easy broth of miso paste with seaweed, and a dash of sesame oil and rice vinegar and just plopped the cooked soba into the steaming broth, along with a handful of steamed shelled edamame. As you can see, nowt fancy at all, but I now have a new super-quick, healthy lunch for when I don’t have much in the pantry. Try it sometime.


Note: Food safety zealots would probably frown at using leftover soba without reheating them. But I’m not that fussy. You really don’t want to reheat soba or you’ll end up with a starchy mess, so it’s either eat ’em straight from the fridge or chuck ’em.


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