Elliott Stables






It was a wee while in between visits to Elliott St inner-city ‘epicurean village’ Elliott Stables for me, and my what a difference. It used to strike me as a place that hadn’t quite got there, and now, thankfully, it’s there. Last time I visited it was bustling with city workers tucking in to some seriously good-looking lunch options. With a selection of eateries encircling a communal dining area, it’s basically a posh food hall. Except, without the posh prices. you can eat well here for about the same as you’d spend on a good food hall bowl of pho. Pizza, bruschette, tapas, sushi, Mexican, specialty sausages and more, plus great wine. and do check out the Kapiti cellar, downstairs from their little ice cream parlour. All the NZ-made cheese you could wish for, with some really good daily deals, too.


Elliott Stables, 39-41 Elliott St, Central Auckland



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