Best In Season – Grapefruit

*Best In Season is a new category where I’ll take a look at something in season, and why you should eat it. This week’s offering is the humble, ever-generous grapefruit. Zebras, monkeys and grapefruit were among the things Sir George Grey, then governor of New Zealand, introduced to our shores in the mid 1800s. This citrus variety grew well here and crops were abundant, leading … Continue reading Best In Season – Grapefruit


  Tangelos and grapefruit – especially when squeezed and gulped down first thing in the morning – help make winter a more bearable condition to live through. Although I don’t have a grapefruit tree in my yard, and haven’t done in the last few houses I’ve lived, I still bitterly resent buying them, and rely instead on bulging bags of them being donated. At my … Continue reading Tangelove

Pappardelle, Meatballs & Red Sauce

Pappardelle with meatballs in red sauce and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings on the tube –  I can’t think of a more satisfying way to blob out on a wintry weeknight. The Italian parsley has gone feral in my back garden – taking over everything in its path (my poor mint), but I’m making good use of it in dishes like this (nothing like a herb-heavy meatball), and in … Continue reading Pappardelle, Meatballs & Red Sauce

Wynyard Quarter and North Wharf

Took the fam down to the recently unveiled Wynyard Quarter redevelopment on the weekend, and for the first time in so, so long, I felt a little swell of civic pride. At long last, some of the city’s commercial waterfront is able to be utilised as a public space. The old silo towers have been kept, and light up at night to create a striking … Continue reading Wynyard Quarter and North Wharf

Starter Up

  My friend Sue (whose garden, recipes and kindly donated foodstuffs from her piece of paradise on Great Barrier Island feature often on this blog) gave me a batch of her sourdough starter a few weeks back. I’d been hankering after it since Christmas at her place, when she was baking a couple of loaves every day to feed the masses. Following Sue’s scrawled instructions, I’ve … Continue reading Starter Up

Elliott Stables

  It was a wee while in between visits to Elliott St inner-city ‘epicurean village’ Elliott Stables for me, and my what a difference. It used to strike me as a place that hadn’t quite got there, and now, thankfully, it’s there. Last time I visited it was bustling with city workers tucking in to some seriously good-looking lunch options. With a selection of eateries … Continue reading Elliott Stables

The Food Show

Ah the behemoth that is the annual Food Show in Auckland. Paying to rub shoulders – I mean barge shoulders – with like-minded hungry souls reaching determinedly for a teensy sliver of pan-fried haloumi atop a wisp of stale ciabatta. Nah, that’s mean. But kind of true. You definitely don’t go to the Food Show for a relaxing tour of this county’s best and newest … Continue reading The Food Show