Cheat’s Sushi




This morning I did my best desperate housewife act and sent daughter and husband off on their merry way with a pack of freshly made sushi each. My two year-old loves the stuff; long may that continue.

I think most kitchen gadgets are a waste of space but these little sushi helpers are pretty nifty, really. I picked them up for a steal – $3.50 each at the Japan Store on Queen St near The Civic. Bargain! By the way, that store is mesmerising. What I love is that all the crazy time-saving gadgets you can buy there are on the small side – presumably because in Japan no one wants to take home mammoth plastic junk to crowd out an already small apartment.

I love homemade sushi, but getting my hands covered in sticky rice was always a turn-off, plus I hate trying to wash rice off a bamboo sushi mat. With these babies yo just pop the rice and fillings in a mould and hey press-to you got sushi – either a roll or a rice ball (as seen in cute heart shape here). As for those  ‘Sush-EZ’ things you see on infomercials, I don’t get why they’re so huge – these things I bought are compact and aren’t going to get bolshy in my kitchen drawer, thank god. Next time I’ll know I can put quite a bit more filling in the mould as you can see they’re a bit rice-heavy.


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