Read it and Eat

Spooning with Rosie: Food, Friendship & Kitchen Loving, Rosie Lovell, Fourth Estate, London, 2009

I’ve had this heavy paperback sitting on my shelf for a long time without ever having done much more than quickly flick through. I’ve still yet to cook from it, but after a more concentrated effort at flicking, have marked a good deal of recipes I’d like to try very soon, including a risotto using pearl barley, little semolina and orange cakes and individual baked yoghurts, which look so adaptable and easy I can’t wait to give them a go.

Author Rosie Lovell opened Rosie’s Deli in Brixton, London, in the same year I moved out of Herne Hill, just down the road from there, and over the other side of the Thames. Bummer, I wish I’d known about her deli because judging by this book, the food looks mighty fine. Not every recipe is photographed, but there’s enough photos to keep you satisfied, along with plenty of cutesy hand drawings and musings in between, which is a trend in cookbooks that will surely start to look a bit tired soon, but is actually kind of nice for now. Her ‘Munching Maps’ give an ingredient and radiating out from it, all the ingredients that go well with it. What I love about this is that it encourages us to cook based on instinct and knowledge of flavours rather than by rote or strictly from recipes. A great spread of different ethnic recipes, all given her own twist – it’s very much the way I like to cook, so  this book gets a big thumbs up from me. Ahh, makes me miss London, too.


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