Quick way with smoked fish


Having run out of both time and patience on Sunday night to make either a fish pie or fish cakes with the smoked kahawai I had bought from the excellent smokers Mulleez, I compiled an ad-hoc meal that turned out surprisingly well. I’ll certainly keep it mind for quick, nutritious dinners in the future. It goes like this:

Boil and smash some Agria potatoes with a bit of milk or butter or cream (or all three) and salt and pepper.

While potatoes are cooking, steam a whole lot of silverbeet, then saute quickly with some chopped garlic and olive oil. Pick the flesh from your smoked smoked fish (you could warm it if you like, but I quite like lukewarm meals so cold didn’t bother me). Make an aioli from scratch, or if you need a cheat, just whisk some good quality mayo with finely chopped garlic and fresh lemon juice.

Onto a bed of the potato, rest the smoked fish, then silverbeet, then drizzle over aioli and top with a garnish of something sprightly (I used pea shoots) and plenty of chopped flat-leaf parsley.


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