Flax Seeds

The small brown seeds of the flax plant (also called linseed) have drawn attention for some time now as a rich source of omega­-3 fatty acids and beneficial unsaturated fats. They’re often taken in the convenient form of flax oil, but the seeds are also handy to have in the pantry to add a health-boosting texture to many dishes. A moreish snack is simply made by toasting equal quantities flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds in a hot heavy-bottomed frypan. Once they start to brown a little, add a wee splash of soy sauce and toss through the hot seeds, coating them with a salty tang. Turn off the heat and allow to cool before picking at them or you’ll burn your tongue like I usually do. Much healthier than potato chips and equally as satisfying when you crave a handful of something crunchy and salty. Flax seeds are also great to add to homemade muesli and breads. When taken with liquids (milk with muesli, for example), the seeds swell up in the digestive tract to form a kind of jelly. Sounds a bit gross, but word has it this helps flush out your system of toxins and aids digestion. Crushing the seeds also makes it easier for your body to obtain the benefits –try adding it to cakes and breads as well as fruit smoothies.


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