Read it and Eat

I’m not huge on cooking from recipes – or at least, following recipes to the tee. Not intentionally, mind, it’s just that I’m a bit impatient like that. Even with baking – I’m guilty of measuring haphazardly. Yes, they say when baking you should never do such a thing, but I do it all the time and it’s never killed anyone, and so far most things have emerged from my oven looking, smelling and tasting just about right. That isn’t to say you can’t trust the recipes I post on here, because when I write them down, I pay a careful mind to amounts and methods and all that jazz.

So when it comes to poring over cookbooks, I’m often in it more for inspiration than actual recipes, as are many of you, too, I’m sure. ‘m not on any distributors’ lists for review copies (yet?) but I do love sharing a good book when I find one, so thought I’d add a cookbook (or food-related book, really) category to my blog. I’m calling it Read it and Eat. So every now and then I’ll blog about a new book I’ve discovered, or, more likely, favourite books from my collection, or others’ collections I’ve plundered.


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