Quick fix tortilla

Most nights, dinner at our house is a two-act affair. Something for my two year-old (often eaten by me in the end – at least I get an entree that way), intermission, then act two ensues some time after 7… or 8…. or sometimes even 9pm – when us grown-ups get to cook and eat and enjoy a drink. Obviously this means quick meals are the order of the day, most days. A tortilla (or Spanish omlette, whatever you want to call it) is one of those easy dishes that can be made to use whatever fresh produce as you can muster from your fridge, along with a good whack of eggs. Here’s the low-down on one I made last night:

-Take a heavy-bottomed frypan – if you have one that is oven-proof, this is good. If, like me, your good heavy bottomed frypan has a wooden handle, use it anyway and promise yourself you’ll get an oven-proof one… one day.

-Heat a good dousing of Spanish olive oil in it and saute one red onion until soft then add a teaspoon of smoked paprika and 4 or so sliced mushrooms, and cook until mushroom starts to soften.

-Add a liberal quantity per person of good chorizo, sliced. If you’re using the smoked kind, you won’t need to precook it but if not, make sure it’s just cooked through prior to adding to this dish. For a four-person meal I used  six medium chorizo sausages.

-Add some sliced, cooked waxy potatoes – I used 2 fairly large potatoes. You need to kind of layer the potato into the pan so the pieces aren’t sticking up all over the place.

-Add a handful of chopped spring onion, then pour over 6 eggs, seasoned and whisked, and tilt the pan so the egg spreads evenly. You want the egg to come up level with the top of the other ingredients so they will all bind.

-Cook over a low to medium heat on the stovetop until there is only a small amount of uncooked egg on the top. You need to take care not to burn the base of the tortilla, and it’s hard not to if you were to leave it till the egg cooked all the way through – which is why you can now pop it in your preheated oven (fan grill, 180 degrees celcius) for a few minutes, until the top cooks through. If you’re using a wooden-handled pan, leave that bit sticking out of the open oven door and feel guilty that you’re probably shortening its lifespan considerably.

-Cut into big hearty wegdes in the pan and use a fish slice to move each wedge onto serving plates. Serve with shavings of manchego on top, with a simple green salad on the side.


3 thoughts on “Quick fix tortilla

  1. Our meals times run pretty much the same as yours at the moment and this is a great reminder of a yummy quick meal to make. Thanks Anna!

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