Cook’s Cupboard: Buckwheat Soba

Japan has a love affair with these thin, hand-cut noodles, and you may also develop an infatuation once you’ve tried them. Soba means buckwheat in Japanese, and soba noodles are traditionally made using buckwheat, rather than plain flour. Confusingly though, some ‘soba’ noodles use ordinary wheat; check the packet. Buckwheat boasts beneficial flavanoids and B vitamins not found in standard flour. Dried soba noodles can … Continue reading Cook’s Cupboard: Buckwheat Soba

Metro Audi Restaurant of the Year 2011

Metro magazine has announced the winners in its Metro Audi Restaurant of the Year Awards 2011. I was lucky enough to be on the judging panel, and while I found some should-have-been-great places a disappointment due to all manner of faults, I can say that as diners in this city we are lucky enough to expect damn fine food, service and surrounds from a large … Continue reading Metro Audi Restaurant of the Year 2011

Cook’s Cupboard: Turmeric

  In the kitchens of southern Asia, the fresh turmeric rhizome is a vital ingredient in many dishes, imparting a vibrant citrus and ginger taste. You can find fresh turmeric, according to availability, at some Indian grocers’ (in Auckland, try Mahadeo’s in Eden Terrace). The powder ground from the root makes up the vast majority of turmeric used and its flavour is much subtler and … Continue reading Cook’s Cupboard: Turmeric


– A new generation stainless steel pressure cooker – To check out the modern Thai and glam surrounds at Moochowchow in Ponsonby: – To go back to Basque Kitchen in newmarket very soon for more of their simple, delicious raciones and some excellent Spanish plonk. Big ups to the baby calamari and the oh-so-naughty churros – To turn my soil, top up with some rich … Continue reading Wants