House of delight

My eldest daughter turned two a week or so ago, and seeing as I’ve long had a desire to fashion a cute-as-pie gingerbread house, I jumped on her birthday party as my chance. I figured that while she and her fellows might not give a damn about the house itself, or the many hours that went into its creation (my sister and I were up till midnight making it!), they’d sure as hell be interested in the lollies adorning its precariously balancing walls. I was right. Boy did those mites know how to pick an M&M or ten off the bright white royal icing that did a fine job of acting as mortar. Oh the looks of sheer concentration as they figured out their technique and which lolly to go for next!

So while the lollies were a hit, the house was left stripped bare and slightly crushed. Not about to waste all that gingery goodness was I, so we broke up some of the devastated structure and stirred it through vanilla ice cream to make a kind of cheat’s cookies and cream type thing. 


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