City Foraging

Foraging’s been in vogue for a wee while now, and there are indeed whole websites devoted to the subject in Auckland alone.  Spurred by a walk to the shops today past fruit-laden feijoa trees in Sandringham, I’d like to contribute my two cents via this blog which I’ll update as I discover new sources of goodness, and ask readers for any tips on foraging for fruit and veg in Auckland City. I’m not going to paste Google Maps links as they take up too much space and look ugly, sorry.

Feijoas – various residential streets in Sandringham including Watson Ave and Hazelmere Rd.

Olives – various residential streets in Belmont including Westwell Rd and Seacliffe Ave. Last Autumn some friends and I collected bucket loads of them, with help from some of the neighbours who popped out with a sheet for us to drape under the trees and collect the olives as they fell. I preserved my olives using the method of soaking them in a big bucket of water which you refresh every day for two weeks, then pickling in a slightly briny solution. I’m not a huge olive fan myself but my husband reckoned they were pretty nice.

Avocados – the avocado orchard beside the Otuataua Stonefields in Mangere used to be a cracker, with a limit of 5 avocados per person, but my last few visits have found the trees bare. Not sure if I’ve just missed the season or what.

Wild fennel – on North Head. Collect after a picnic with the best view in the city.


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