Magnificent Malaysia & Multicultural Auckland

The multi-cultural hub that is Malaysia is home to some of the most varied and delicious food one could hope for. The Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisines work both independently and together to create dishes that are packed full of flavour and have an attitude to rival a teenage dropout. Yet Malaysian food in Auckland has, until now, never really enjoyed a high profile. Sure, … Continue reading Magnificent Malaysia & Multicultural Auckland

City Foraging

Foraging’s been in vogue for a wee while now, and there are indeed whole websites devoted to the subject in Auckland alone.  Spurred by a walk to the shops today past fruit-laden feijoa trees in Sandringham, I’d like to contribute my two cents via this blog which I’ll update as I discover new sources of goodness, and ask readers for any tips on foraging for … Continue reading City Foraging

With relish

It’s tomato relish-making time. My no fail recipe comes from a tiny booklet published by the University of Otago in 1971, entitled ‘Pickles and Relishes’. Following my mum’s annotations I use white vinegar (ensures a ruby-red relish rather than a muddy one), more flour and paprika for extra colour. Last year I made using little acid-free toms from the Avondale Markets and the result was … Continue reading With relish