Island additions

Fairly new on the scene Waiheke Island is a commercial development right in the middle of Oneroa Village, a three level build with lots of glass allowing unsurpassed views of Oneroa Beach. Up top on street level you’ll find Wai Kitchen, a light, airy cafe from the owners of Teed St Larder in Auckland’s Newmarket. A newcomer itself, The Larder was rated highly in Metro Magazine’s Best Cafes feature late last year, so my expectations for Wai Kitchen would be equally high. I popped my head in yesterday but didn’t eat, as I could hear the gelateria downstairs calling my name in its best siren-like voice. Next time I’m on the island, it will be Wai Kitchen for brunch, I reckon.

So the gelato at Waiheke’s Gelateria on the bottom level of the new building is made in a swanky machine that came all the way from Germany. The owners, who have Italian and German heritage between them, will be ridiculously busy this summer, what with the biennial Headland Sculpture on the Gulf and the upcoming Jazz Festival bumping up the already swollen summer population the island houses.

I can thoroughly recommend pretty much all the fruit gelatos there – all being made with very fresh fruit and less sugar than some gelaterias seem to add – allowing the natural flavours to shine. Also the divine peanut butter flavour, and Malaga, their take on rum ‘n raisin. The owner seemed to think Malaga was too alcoholic for a full-term pregger like me (what am I, a naughty kid?), but he didn’t see me sneaking some from my husband’s cone. Yum.


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