A Classy Brew

As much as I’m a dedicated lover of gumboot tea, every so often I do like to sip on something a bit different. Yet I find most of the ‘herbal’ or fruit teas you buy all taste pretty much the same, and certainly don’t inspire me to put the experience into words. However I’ve recently tried some very lovely teas indeed from  tea masters Harney & Sons. You can kind of tell by the name that the quality’s going to be up there – something about ampersands in English company names just spells old money. Anyway, I can assure you you’ll taste the difference. Buy Harney & Sons blends in quaint reusable tins – 20 bags to a tin. Not just any old bag, either, the silken sachets contain leaves rather than the dust you find in most teabags, allowing for a full infusion, and meaning you can get two or even three cups out of one little bag. Which makes them pretty good value for money, then.






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