HKD Seafood Restaurant

Dumpling lovers who are not so fond of the lack of carparks in the vicinity of all the CBD yum cha joints need to embrace their inner suburbanite and head to Mt Roskill, to the excellent HKD Seafood Restaurant. Like most yum cha places, HKD (Hong Kong Delight) is open for dinner too, and I’m sure it’s very good for that, but thus far I’ve only ever been betwixt the happy hours of 11 and 3, to plop plump dumplings, fragrant sticky rice, gelatinous chicken’s feet and other delights into my eager trap. I’ve never seen this place less than almost full for yum cha, with an almost entirely Chinese clinetele – which, as the cliche goes, means the food must be authentic. And maybe it’s just me, but the dumplings seem just that bit fatter here, the prawns just that bit more generously allocated, than at inner-city yum chas, and the bill is unarguably smaller at the end, for what it always, always a great meal. Oh, and if you’re the type that is at all adverse to places that look dirty, neglected and frankly quite depressing from the outside, put your prejudices behind you and walk through that grease-smeared door. The food inside is well worth it (and not at all dirty or depressing).


HKD Seafood Restaurant, 928 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill, phone (09) 6208928.



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