Reason to Go Riesling

Mud House Wines, who own the Mud House and Waipara Hills brands, has put forward an interesting initiative to promote the oft-misunderstood Riesling. They chose 12 respected winemakers from around the country, gave them each four tonnes of Riesling fruit picked from the same vineyard in April this year, and asked them to hand-craft a wine using methods of their choice. The wines will be … Continue reading Reason to Go Riesling

La Cigale weekend market

On Saturdays and Sundays at La Cigale in Parnell, the air is thick with the smell of Toulouse sausages grilling, freshly-baked croissants, bunches of fresh herbs and pongy French cheeses. Today’s spoils for us included:  a baker’s dozen bambino rolls (sourdough, soft but chewy and oh-so-nice toasted, with a thick blanket of butter); pomegranates; Thai basil; buffalo mozarella; two kinds of smoked Italian cheeses; a … Continue reading La Cigale weekend market