Sunday Fish & Chips

Friday’s the traditional day for fish & chips (I’ve always thought that stemmed from Catholics abstaining from eating red meat on a Friday, but I could be completely wrong?). But I find Sundays lend themselves far better to the deep-fried Kiwi favourite. That’s because Sundays in summer often see the three of us whiling away the afternoon at a beach somewhere, building up an appetite for something seafood and not fancying the idea of having to stop off at shops on the way home and then cook.

Hence yesterday’s trip to the newest fish & chippery in town, the simply named The Fish & Chip Shop in Sandringham. I can report it was all very tasty. We just kept it simple and got the fish of the day (shark), a crabstick for Little One and some chips. To be honest, if I never really fancy spending up on snapper when it’s going to be battered. I prefer to enjoy my snapper cooked simply (or even better, freshly caught and raw) so I can actually distinguish it from any other white fish.

The only gripe I’d have is that the batter on the fish needed to be crispier so as not to go soggy. It’s a lovely looking shop, all clean and neat with black and white tiling, but I’d love to see milkshakes on the menu and I can’t for the life of me understand why fish & chip shops don’t offer a simple, dressed mesclun salad – so many customers would order it, lessening the guilt of a veg-free meal, and it would seem a good easy money-maker? Ditto pickled onions. Excellent on the side of your greasy platter. As it was I picked some lettuce leaves from the garden and raided the home fridge for pickled onions.

The Fish & Chip Shop, 160 Sandringham Rd, phone 846 6884.


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