Rocketing along

There’s not much producing happening in my little garden just yet, but this rocket has been a winner, harvesting just two weeks after sprinkling seeds out and doing just fine on two waterings a day. As you can see this lot needs to be uprooted to make way for new stuff soon; it’s about to go to flower. Maybe I’ll use all these older leaves to make rocket pesto. This is cultivated or standard rocket, not wild, and has a fairy mild bite, but the more it matures the more spicy it becomes. And I don’t know if it’s weird to describe rocket as having a creamy or buttery taste, but I find it does.

Rocket is one of my favourite things to always have to hand in the kitchen, because it can add so much to a dish. Stir loads of it through a really plain spaghetti dish or add to a simple pizza and you suddenly have the flavour you need. Add just to mesclun and there’s your salad. So easy.

The seeds I used were Franchi, an Italian seed company sold at Nosh stores here. Everything I’ve planted from their range has been really productive, and I certainly don’t have green fingers. Not yet anyway. They do a fantastic range of heirloom Italian tomatoes, many with sweeter flesh and less seeds. Ah, tomatoes, hurry up.


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