Buffalo feta

I strolled down to the Sandringham shops (see post below) earlier this week to stock up on feta and dried fruits and was disappointed to find there was none of my usual fave goat’s feta in store at Khyber Spice. However my mood was soon buoyed when I spied that in its place was Bulgarian buffalo feta, for a measly $15.99/kilo. A quick taste test confirmed that I was having some of that, thanks – it’s creamy but not heavy, much less salty than cow’s feta, and with that delicate perfumy taste also present in the more readily available buffalo mozarella. So off I trotted with a half kilo of this new cheese. I have since used it in a few everyday dishes – nothing adventurous, but then adding buffalo feta to even the plainest salad (see above) can make it just a little bit more special.


4 thoughts on “Buffalo feta

    1. Yum Kathie that recipe looks good – I always mean to buy paneer and try cooking with it but for some reason I always picture it sitting forgotten in my fridge – so next time I’m in Sandringham I’ll get some and make this Waitrose recipe.

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