I tend to call it aubergine,  but  when I saw ivory, perfectly oval specimens grown ornamentally at the Winter Gardens in the Auckland Domain last summer I suddenly understood the un-French sounding name for them. I had always been a bit confused as to why something deep purple and kind of pear-shaped was named after an egg.

Anyway, when I saw them in the hothouse last March I was (though I didn’t know it at the time) only two days away from giving birth to my daughter, and less than a kilometre away from where she as born, since Birthcare is right beside the Domain. You’re thinking this is all too much information, but what I’m getting at is the symbolic link between the handsome, perfect looking white eggplant and the event of birth. Sticks in my mind.

So when I saw those same egg-like eggplants at the Avondale Markets yesterday – a year to the day after seeing them at the hothouse – I smiled one of those nostalgic, contented little smiles. And promptly bought some, to bring home and cook. Gorgeous things. Pics to come, once I’ve charged my camera battery!


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