Gone in 60 seconds

   “I don’t like fishcakes” my seven year-old helpfully offered as I stood over the stovetop. And to be fair, my two children aren’t big fans of fish when it’s cooked. They prefer much of their seafood raw: sashimi, ceviche, freshly shucked oysters. You know, all the things at the steeper end of the menu when we’re eating out.  “This fish has been smoked”, I … Continue reading Gone in 60 seconds

Lemonade, Venice

   Found my spiritual salad home on Abbot Kinney Blvd in LA’s Venice. This plate of three delicious salads and broccoli soup cost about US $10, bargain.  All the salads at Lemonade are interesting and feature generous amounts of both seasonal fresh produce pimped with premium goodies like bresaola, pine nuts, kimchi, Parmesan, tuna crudo. You order by the serving and then if you like … Continue reading Lemonade, Venice

Popcorn tahini biscuits 

It’s world vegan month and I created a recipe using the proudly vegan New Zealand Kettle Corn to celebrate. They’re running a little competition and if my biccies win them over I’ll win a bit of cash and a lot of their popcorn, which is hot property in out house. Biscuits are something I roll out weekly and i’m always experimenting to find new flavour … Continue reading Popcorn tahini biscuits 

A Romertopf romp

Just look at that cookbook! The kooky 70s font and that classy Tuscan-inspired styling on the cover. I came across this neat little set at the Hospice shop in Birkenhead and a cool twenty bucks later it was mine. A quick Google while in the shop confirmed the Romertopf was a bit a cult thing, and I wanted in. Translating from German as ‘Roman pot’, this guy’s made … Continue reading A Romertopf romp

Roasted cauliflower with tahini lemon dressing

This dish was inspired by one I ate at Ima a few years ago – owner Yael Shochat had made it for a magazine feature we were shooting. Yael had roasted cauliflower and served it with a tahini dressing – a simple dish where the nutty dressing was the perfect foil for the smoky/sulfuric vegetable. My version has, from memory, a sharper hit of lemon … Continue reading Roasted cauliflower with tahini lemon dressing