Salad special

More salads! If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll have noticed I post a lot of salad ideas. I have favourite salads I go back to again and again but I also love coming up with new twists to make seasonal produce sing. And as I talked about a few posts ago, […]

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Yeah, I’m getting a little sick of these fused words too, and this sounds like a name for a dinosaur, or maybe a respiratory infection – but, sorry, once the name popped in to my head, it kind of stuck. If you’re a fan of cauli rice as an alternative, check out this broccoli version, […]

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Cauli Gosh!

I had a lot of positive feedback about cauli rice last time I wrote about it, so here are a few other ways you might like to try with it. Buttercup Beauties I couldn’t resist these pretty little buttercups from the market the other day – even though I’m not a big pumpkin person, I […]

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Salad bar none

The other day I Insta-faced a photo of my lunchtime salad, and got such a good response I thought I’d post not only that recipe, but a few more easy, seasonal salad ideas from photos I’ve taken over the past month or so. As a knee-jerk reaction to this wintery weather around us, I seem to be […]

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More on Eggplant

First, an addition to my recipe for Creamy Charred Eggplant – I missed out a step. After you’ve chargrilled the eggplant and scooped out the flesh, let the flesh drain in a sieve for 10-15 minutes. It gets rid of a lot of the watery liquid which, while it won’t affect the taste of the […]

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Creamy Charred Eggplant

I got this idea from a recipe in Yottam Ottolenghi’s drool-worthy vegetarian cookbook Plenty. In his recipe, he makes this creamy eggplant puree to top braised puy lentils – I just took the eggplant bit of the recipe and have used it here to top a salad made of giant couscous, with some spicy lamb sausages […]

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