Popcorn tahini biscuits 

It’s world vegan month and I created a recipe using the proudly vegan New Zealand Kettle Corn to celebrate. They’re running a little competition and if my biccies win them over I’ll win a bit of cash and a lot of their popcorn, which is hot property in out house. Biscuits are something I roll out weekly and i’m always experimenting to find new flavour … Continue reading Popcorn tahini biscuits 


A Romertopf romp

Just look at that cookbook! The kooky 70s font and that classy Tuscan-inspired styling on the cover. I came across this neat little set at the Hospice shop in Birkenhead and a cool twenty bucks later it was mine. A quick Google while in the shop confirmed the Romertopf was a bit a cult thing, and I wanted in. Translating from German as ‘Roman pot’, this guy’s made … Continue reading A Romertopf romp


Roasted cauliflower with tahini lemon dressing

This dish was inspired by one I ate at Ima a few years ago – owner Yael Shochat had made it for a magazine feature we were shooting. Yael had roasted cauliflower and served it with a tahini dressing – a simple dish where the nutty dressing was the perfect foil for the smoky/sulfuric vegetable. My version has, from memory, a sharper hit of lemon … Continue reading Roasted cauliflower with tahini lemon dressing

gluten-free chocolate cake

Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

This gluten-free chocolate cake is not just for those with intolerances – anyone who loves a rich, chocolatey bit of lushness will be into this – it’s so moist, with a delicious depth of flavor from the coconut and almond, and best of all it’s a total cinch to make, with barely any dishes to wash afterwards! Free from gluten and refined sugar, this cake … Continue reading Gluten-free Chocolate Cake