Sweet supplies

Natural alternatives to refined cane sugar are a hot ticket these days, and one of the most respected is made from a leafy green South American bush called stevia. A few years back I grew a little stevia plant in my garden. The leaves were lovely sliced very thinly and thrown in fruit salads, on […]

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Raw winter warrior soup

About a year ago I went to a cooking demo in which we were shown how a Vitamix blender could make all manner of dishes in minutes, even seconds. Within the space of an hour or so we were served five dishes made right in front of us, but the one that stood out to […]

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Tamarind chicken thighs

This is a bit of a non-recipe so please fire me a comment if you feel you need any further details with amounts of types of ingredients. I’m on a bit of a tamarind buzz right now – it’s a summer thing. I crave more tart and sharp flavours in warmer weather, and tamarind ticks […]

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Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

This gluten-free chocolate cake is not just for those with intolerances – anyone who loves a rich, chocolatey bit of lushness will be into this – it’s so moist, with a delicious depth of flavor from the coconut and almond, and best of all it’s a total cinch to make, with barely any dishes to […]

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Get chopping

Hot days are absolutely the time for the kind of textural, colourful, lime-drenched salads and salsas that Mexico and South East Asia share a love of. Whether it’s a classic tomato salsa, an Isaan som tam, a Balinese shallot salad or a simple cucumber and sesame seed number, one of my biggest love affairs is […]

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